Bermad 200 Series

Product Description

The BERMAD 200 Series is a line of plastic hydraulic/electric control valves for residential, commercial and agricultural irrigation systems.

This diaphragm actuated hydraulically operated plastic control valve combines simple and reliable construction with good hydraulic performance. These automatic water control valves are designed for vertical or horizontal installation, available in Globe or Angle patterns in diameter sizes of 1"- 2", and are divided into two main types; hydraulic and electric (solenoid).

The Electric Valve control circuit is internal providing some significant benefits such as:

■ No external tubes and accessories
■ Compact and protected construction
■ Self-cleaning orifice for reliable valve operation, even with brackish water.

Bermad 200 Series valves are durable plastic valves. The valve body, cover, and seal disk assembly construction material uses Glass-Filled Nylon to meet rough service conditions, obtaining high chemical and cavitation resistance.
The valve body design includes a full bore seat with unobstructed flow path, free of any in-line ribs, supporting cage, or shafts. Its seal disk assembly includes a flexible, carefully balanced and peripherally supported diaphragm and a rugged guided plug with elastomeric sealing surface. This internal design enables:

■ High flow rate with low head loss
■ Smooth valve opening and closing
■ Accurate and stable regulation
■ Low opening and actuation pressure
■ No diaphragm erosion and distortion
■ Same diaphragm and spring fully meet the valve•s operating pressure range requirements

Bermad 200 Series Valves use valve differential pressure to power the diaphragm assembly to open or close. The lower side of the diaphragm, which serves to cushion the closing of the valve, is exposed to downstream pressure through a peripheral passageway. The pressure in the control chamber varies, resulting from the action of a solenoid or a regulating pilot. This varying pressure modulates the valve to open or close.

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■ 1″ Globe configuration.

■ 1.5″ + 2″ Globe or Angle Configuration.

■ Basic hydraulic valve

■ On/Off Solenoid Control (2-way)

■ On/Off Solenoid Control (3-way)

■ Normally Open Solenoid Control (3-way)

■ Pressure Reducing (hydraulic or electric)

■ Pressure Sustaining (hydraulic or electric)

■ Quick Relief (hydraulic)

– Other builds as required.

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