Bermad 350 Series

Product Description

The BERMAD 350 Series are double chambered, hydraulically operated, and diaphragm actuated backwash valves. Designed for automatic backwashing of filtration systems, they are available in Angle flow (A) and Straight flow (G) configurations.

Features and Benefits:

■ Line Pressure Driven
■ Double Chambered Design
- Wide application range
- Requires low actuation pressure
- Protected diaphragm
■ Dynamic Sealing
- Seals at very low pressure
- Prevents seal friction and erosion
■ Engineered Plastic Valve Design
- Highly durable, chemical and cavitation resistant
■ Short Valve Travel ❏ Smooth changes of flow direction
- Eliminates mixing of supply and waste water
■ User- Friendly
- Can be installed in various orientations
- Simple in-line inspection and service

Typical Applications:

■ Automatic Backwash of Filter Batteries
- Gravel Filters
- Disc Filters
- Screen Filters
■ Single Filter Autonomic Backwash System
■ Angled or Straight Installations

Distribution Region
Product Region
Available Configurations

– Angle (A) and Straight (G) flow

– 2×2 Plastic

– 3×3 Plastic

– 4×4 Plastic


PDF Downloads
350 Series 2x2 Plastic - Spec Sheet
350 Series 3x3 Plastic - Spec Sheet
350 Series 4x4 Plastic - Spec Sheet