Water Tool Filter 12″

Product Description

The RainPro Water Tool Filter is a modular, sand-media filter for use in irrigation applications. Designed and manufactured in USA.


■ Suitable for cleaning water from industrial applications, manufacturing operations, lakes, tanks, wells and recycling.

■ Light weight and rust proof - Glass filled nylon and UVR PVC construction.

■ Modular design - 55-95 LPM per Tank - Add as many tanks as required.

■ Minimal backflush water - Individual back flush valves.

■ Two-Wire backflush controller - 96 station.

■ Pressure Differential Switch included on all automatic systems.

■ Similar footprint as existing sand media tanks.

■ No Pressure Sustaining Valves needed for back flush.

■ No forklifts needed - Easy and quick DIY installation.

■ Only 20 litres of media per tank (32 KG).

■ Available with groove inlet/outlet or union connections.

■ Supplied with Air Relief Valves and Pressure Gauges.

■ Backflush water recovery system available.

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Available Configurations

■ Modular design. Add as many tanks as required

■ 12″ tanks

■ Also available in 24″ tanks


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Water Tool Filter 12" - Data Sheet