DataNode (Switch Type)

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In-field intelligence is a key factor in better water application.

The SIGNAL DataNode (Switch Type) is a two-wire device designed to detect an open or closed contact from sensors.
The controller can then be programmed to react in a certain way to these contacts.
For example, a DataNode may detect a closed contact from a sensor, and be instructed to rain-off all programs.

SIGNAL's advanced and unique two-wire communication makes it possible to connect sensors and meters (water meters, KWH meters, rain sensors, frost sensors and the SIGNAL Moisture Sensor) anywhere along the two-wire cable network. These devices are in real-time communication with the controller and their status can be viewed at the controller display or computer software.

All SIGNAL controllers support up to 12 DataNodes. These devices have an LED indicator for field viewing of on-line communication status.

DataNodes are plastic encapsulated and completely sealed against dust and water ingress.

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