SignalCloud Central Control

Product Description

Introducing SignalCloud – Web-based irrigation central control software that’s accessible from anywhere.

Once an account has been created, simply register your SDS Series controller within SignalCloud to gain complete access. Other users can be added and removed at will, with assignable access levels.

SignalCloud includes the following full-suite of features:

• A clean, modern, web-based interface
• Touch-friendly design equally intuitive on PC, Mac or Tablet
• Full virtual keypad - As seen on the SDS-LINK mobile app
• Flexible rewiring / mixing panel
• Different levels of user-access for staff members and contractors
• Google Maps integration
• Graphs and exportable excel spreadsheets of periodic water usage
• Simple monitoring of events and faults with instant email alerts
• Full log with timestamps
• Weather-station integration with automatic ET adjustment

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Additional Info

• Works on Chrome, Edge and Safari
• Available on iPad, iPhone and Android

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